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Enum in Java

  For those of us who were coding extensive development in Java even before Java 1.5 know the pain faced before enum was introduced. The solution used to be Type-safe Enums which was a design pattern to simulate enum functionality as closely as possible.  Introduction of enums changed [...]



Creating a Simple SOAP Web Service using Maven in 5 Steps

SOAP SOAP stands for simple object access protocol. In this SOAP Service we'll have 4 classes    TimeService.java    TimeServiceImpl.java    TimePublisher.java    TimeClient.java pom.xml pom.xml for this project is barebones as java 6 onwards provide native [...]



Who is this SecondaryNameNode anyway

SecondaryNameNode is one of the most confusing things in Hadoop.  There are not many books in Hadoop and I happened to be reading one and I quit reading the book the moment I saw this sentence. "The NameNode is a single point of failure, and on failure it will stop all the operations of the [...]

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