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Q1A is a Technical Assessment Platform to serve IT resource requirements of any firm through an interaction of technical resources against a comprehensive and up-to-date database of expert questions.

Stakeholders of this platform are Developers and Hiring Managers.

Q1A is run by bunch of developers who love writing great quality code. We believe interviews are an opportunity to hone a developer's skill rather than a challenge.

Rishi Yadav - Q1A Lieutenant General (CEO)

14+ years experience in leadership, planning, Enterprise Architecture,Java, J2EE, Oracle, PL/SQL, iOS, Cocoa touch, Objective-C, core data, xcode, IPad and Android development. Rishi Yadav holds an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India).

Sudhir Jangir - Q1A Major General (CTO)

14+ years experience in architecting, designing and developing software projects and driving them to successful completion. With several years of industry experience in execution of various offshore & onshore IT projects, Sudhir brings with him a lot of wealthy expertise in managing and mobilizing project teams, maintaining quality assurance and establishing communication channel for big international names. He has also shown keen interest in technology up gradation, account management, and high-level project management for the offshore division. Sudhir holds an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India).

Utkarsh Panwar - Q1A Major General (VP Enterprise Solutions)

Utkarsh leads our enterprise solutions practice, and is responsible for managing InfoObjects’ technology platform, tools and components of our development and testing processes. With 10+ years of experience managing large development projects for international organizations, Utharsh has been instrumental in establishing the company’s off-shore development capabilities and guiding the engineering team toward creative, out-of-the-box solutions and product development. He holds an engineering degree from IIT, Delhi, and a Masters in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani.

Miriam Roberts - Q1A Major General (VP User Experience)

10+ years experience with software design and user experience. Miriam provides leadership to the marketing and sales team with her technical and international enterprise software expertise. As a co-founder of invetiondb ( a project out of MIT), she was the product evangelist for helping engineering graduate students and faculty members to use the project documentation software instead of the old paper submission of their thesis. Miriam holds a B.S. degree in computer science from San Jose State University and has completed several MBA executive courses at Harvard and Stanford university.

Mark Jansen - Marketing strategy and communications

Developer's playground

  • DEVELOPERS can test their technical skills by preparing a questionnaire from the available skill-set related questions and can publish score on their profile.
  • DEVELOPERS can also test themselves against a predefined questionnaire for their selected skill-sets and can publish score on their profile.

Hiring manager access area

  • HIRING MANAGERS, while analyzing their resource's skill requirements, can prepare a technical questionnaire to interview potential DEVELOPERS.
  • HIRING MANAGERS can filter DEVELOPER'S profiles registered on Q1A for desired experience and skill-set related scores.

Key Benefits

  • The DEVELOPER'S score will help HIRING MANAGER to shortlist them faster reducing number of excess selection rounds.
  • The skill test will help aspiring DEVELOPERS to prepare better for interviews.
  • DEVELOPERS can post video-resume on their profile, mentioning skill-sets and other achievements, helping HIRING MANAGERS to understand them better.
  • DEVELOPERS can get solutions to their technical problems, and they can also contribute to them through Q1A forum.
  • Through Q1A both, DEVELOPERS and HIRING MANAGERS can keep pace with technical advancements.
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