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When I gave the java paper of Q1A site Then this question came.

I don't know that what is actual answer of this question.

This question may have answer's.

1. Inheritance

2. Interface

3.  Composition

4.  Aggregration


What is Composition in java ?

Atul Kumar Goyal
09/14/2011 at 04:16
1 Answer

There are two ways to relate classes: inheritance and composition.

Inheritance: when class A is related to class B by inheritance, because A extends B.
class B {

class A extends B {


Composition: Instance variables that are references to other objects. For example:

class B {

class A {
    private B b = new B();  

Now you can find out about advantages/disadvantages of both the ways...

Sudhir Jangir
09/14/2011 at 05:43

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