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What is CDC and how it's implement in DB.

Govind Agarwal
09/22/2011 at 20:23
1 Answer

CDC is :Change Data Capture. This feature is usually implemented for data security purposes.

CDC is one of the new data tracking and capturing features of SQL Server 2008. It only tracks changes in user-created tables. Because captured data is then stored in relational tables, it can be easily accessed and retrieved subsequently, using regular T-SQL.


When we apply Change Data Capture features on a database table, a mirror of the tracked table is created with the same column structure of the original table, but with additional columns that include the metadata used to summarize the nature of the change in the database table row.  The SQL Server DBA can then easily monitor the activity for the logged table using these new audit tables .


Enabling Change Data Capture on a Database

CDC first has to be enabled for the database. Because CDC is a table-level feature, it then has to be enabled for each table to be tracked. We can run following query and check whether it is enabled for any database.


USE master
SELECT [name]database_idis_cdc_enabled 
FROM sys.databases      




Dheeraj Swami
10/02/2011 at 21:29

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